Our team has the collective knowledge of a 100-year-old app-making sensei. Our continuing journey towards perfection has allowed us to collect and create the best possible tools to build state-of-the-art technology. Now we want to share our expertise with other hungry entrepreneurs like ourselves.

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    JD TuellerChief Executive Officer

    Jd loves motocross, milkshakes, boating, and entrepreneurship. Jd studied Neuroscience and Business Management at BYU and uses those skills to help our clients create kick-ass brand strategies, user experiences, and business models.

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    Trevor JarvisPresident

    Trevor is an aspiring neurosurgeon currently studying Entrepreneurial Management at BYU. When he's not handling App Raptors operations, you can find him playing basketball, shredding ski slopes, or eating Taco Bell.

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    Lisa Webster Chief Creative Officer

    With a passion for good aesthetics and a BA in Graphic Design, Lisa has an unparalleled ability to create branding and designs that just feel right. She is known for her love of art and design as well as her love for cats, traveling, sushi, and dinosaur documentaries.

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    Skylar Sanford Senior Designer

    Skylar's joy comes from colorful storytelling, connecting with the outdoors and exploring off the beaten path. As such with his design philosophies; believing all interactions with design should be new, delightfully human experiences, with no compromise.

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    Greg Soper UX Designer

    Greg loves designing and loving designing. He wields the awesome power to change the user experience of any user's experience for any website that wants him to do that. He spends time with cats and they like him.

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    Michael Pearson Developer

    Michael likes to code things.

Our story began at the dawn of the app store (in 2008) when our fearless leader, Jd Tueller, decided that he wanted to make an app to help him pay for medical school. So he swore off video games and used the extra time to learn all about this new technology and how it works.

Jd soon came to the realization that you are probably experiencing right now -building good technology is hard. Ridiculously hard.

For 5 years Jd journeyed through the dark, grueling paths of software development, design, and strategy, all the while leveling-up his skills, gaining experience, and gathering trusty teammates until November 2012 when App Raptors was formed.